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Suffolk Dog Grooming Academy

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City and Guilds Level 3 - Part 2 Diploma

                                                    (soon to be incorporated in the NEW L3 Diploma Qualification)

We offer three choices to complete your City & Guilds Diploma.

       We register and book your exam date, supply the examiner and send out your certificate upon completion


  1. Book your table and exams with no prior instruction for styling your dog as experienced and have your own dogs to bring £899.00  inc. x3 dogs x3 exams plus holding cages provided if booked.

  2. We give you styling instruction and training £1299.00 inc.

  3. We give you styling instruction and training and provide you with your required exam dogs. £1499.00

  • What dogs are required:
  • Long Legged Terrier
  • Short Legged Terrier
  • Spaniel
  • Plus Poodle or Handsrip