Suffolk Dog Grooming Academy

                                                              Which Course? -  Accredited or Non-Accredited

                                                              Option 1:  Complete Course, Holistically Delivered

                                                              SPECIAL OFFER! £5,999 Enrol by 23rd Feb 2024 

                                                                                           Saving £300

                                                              Suffolk Dog Grooming Academy Non Accredited Diploma

                                                              25 days practical training plus recommended 

                                                              home study with guided learning support

                                                              Home video tutorials 

                                                              *Flexible enrolment dates,  practical assessments, no exams 

                                                              PAYPENT PLAN OPTION - 50% payment required + installments x2. using GoCardless

                                                              We are a commercial school, therefore customer dogs will

                                                              be used and training will incorporate industry times for services provided.

                                                              All Students will be expected to source dogs during the course, we will also aim to provide dogs.


                                                              Option 2:  C&G Levels 2 & 3 Diploma Combined * £6750      

                                                               32 days practical training with tutor-guided learning until the required  (GLH) are achieved. 

                                                               All candidates will be assessed suitable prior to acceptence.

                                                               * City & Guilds - We have flexible enrolment dates but set exam and assessment dates. L3 written exam is currently taken June and November.


                                                              Experienced Groomer already - We offer the credit route of 10 DAYS £2000

                                                              practical plus tutor guided home study to  qualify - Photo portfolio evidence and demonstration of skills must be presented to enrol onto this course.                                   

                                                                                         We can come TO YOU at your place of work.


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